Our company was established in 1946 by our father, Recep YILMAZ, to serve the agricultural tools of the period.

In 1955, considering the needs and demands of the region, started to produce small scale agricultural tools and machines. In 1990, it moved to the factory in Istanbul, where it still continues its production.
In 2009, we opened our Factory outlet in Erzurum to provide first-hand service to our farmers.

The main field of activity of our company is mowers and hay harvesters. In addition, it produces original spare parts for tractor factories, automotive sub-industry, shelf systems, special purpose machines and the like. In addition, we offer spare parts and supporting production services to the defense industry.

Since our company always aims at quality, it is always competitive in quality with our European competitors. Because we believe that the farmers of our country have the right to use high quality and modern agricultural machinery.
Therefore, whatever needed to be done to increase the quality, we will continue to do so. It is an honor for us to serve our esteemed farmers with its wide service network and abundant spare parts.

What we do and what we will do is the basis of our entrepreneurial responsibility towards future generations.

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