RCP Disc Mower

The Haryo RCP disc green fodder mower is produced with 4-5-6 discs and roller option. Due to the small diameter of the disc, there is no damage caused by drum mowers to the plant root and blooming time.

The air flow created by the oval discs on the machine at high speed helps to lift the horizontal plants and provides a cleaner, faster and less costly shape.

Mowing Width MT-INCH 1,67-65″3/4 2,05-80″3/4 2,40-94″1/2
No. of Disks NO. 4 5 6
No. of Knives NO. 8 10 12
Tail Shaft Speed RPM 540 540 540
Required Power HP-KW 35-26 40-30 50-37
Speed NO. 3000 3000 3000
Weight KG-LBS 320-700 370-810 420-910