Supertar HKY 978 Meadow Mower has been produced according to the results of countless trials, in accordance with the farmer’s norms that can be used comfortably by farmers.

First of all, the farmer wants his machine to be of high capacity and robust so that he can finish his job without being exposed to breakdowns and pauses. Another issue as important as these demands is that the dry matter and delicate leaf losses in the crop can be kept at a minimum by the machine mowing the crops without disturbing them.

Supertar HKY 978 guarantees perfect operation even if used for many years. Fingers (Fingers) are rolled from special steel. Blade tips and plates are also made of special steel and serrated.

Supertar HKY 978 runs smoothly. If it is driven against an obstacle or if the resistance is too great, the release device is activated. Thus, the cutting device comes back.

Mowing Width 155-180-215
Mowing Speed (km/h) 12-14
Requied Power (HP) 25
Inclined Working Position +90o-60o
Tail Shaft Speed 540 rpm
Weight (kg) 210±15